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Monday, May 27, 2024

Aljex Software partners with BAM Worldwide

Aljex Software announced partnership with BAM Worldwide to provide an integrated cash management solution to brokers, carriers and 3pl’s.

Aljex provides web-based transportation management software to the transportation industry. BAM provides cash management solutions to the transportation industry. Together, they said they have integrated to provide both solutions within a single, seamless interface.

With the integration, shipment information is automatically sent from Aljex to BAM, who then handles all invoicing, Accounts Receivable (A/R), and Accounts Payable (A/P).

“Integration makes our customers more efficient from a cash flow perspective, so that they can grow faster and with less risk,” said Todd Ehrlich, CEO of BAM Worldwide. “We can process carrier payments as fast as our clients can enter them in Aljex. This removes several steps from the traditional A/R and A/P processes and makes everyone more efficient.”

The Aljex and BAM integration also provides the opportunity for a broker to finance individual shipments through BAM, instead of choosing to outsource the entire process. After a shipment is complete, a broker has the option to click a button in Aljex, which automatically signals BAM to handle payment.

Financing also allows brokers to offer carriers same-day payment. “With BAM, a broker can outsource their A/R and A/P for very low cost,” said Aljex CEO, Tom Heine, who was formerly a freight broker. “In addition, for some brokers, cash-flow is a big issue, and this integration solves it. BAM can improve your days-to-pay, improve your credit rating, and alleviate cash management headaches.”