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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Albertans and Canadians as a whole have stepped to the plate. The first evacuees return June 1st.

Alberta is certainly weathering some difficult times. The extraordinary damage created by the wildfires in northern Alberta has delivered a devastating blow to Albertans, and it has set the stage for everyone to stand up and absolutely shine.

Just hours after the wildfire began to make the headlines, the AMTA went on record saying we were “committed to supporting the recovery efforts in every way possible.” We kicked off a donation drive calling upon the transportation industry to contribute to the Red Cross which was collecting funds for victims of the fire.

And over the following days and weeks, members and staff proved me right. says
We were heartened to see the trucking industry, from coast-to-coast, pull together to lend aid. We are very grateful to the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) for kicking off a donation drive by contributing $10,000 to the Red Cross Alberta Fires donation appeal. We are most appreciative to our peer associations and to others in Canada’s transportation industry who so generously donated to the relief and recovery efforts.

AMTA members across the province were front and centre supporting hastily established relief activities in their own communities. Members registered with the provincial operations centre, which coordinated province-wide relief efforts, to provide reefers, pallet jacks, van trailers, flat beds, even forklifts, pallets and shrink-wrap. Whatever was needed – AMTA members stood ready to assist in whatever way they were asked.

That rapid response from the transportation industry—in part due to the AMTA’s social media team—played an important role in coordinating the transportation industry’s quick response.

In all: It was an impressive effort that AMTA members should be proud of. Our hearts go out to the thousands of people who have been shattered by this fire. And our appreciation of first responders for their heroic efforts remains unsurpassed.

Finally, the first 15,000 evacuees are going to start to return this first day of June. It will be a long time, if ever, that complete recovery can be declared.