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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Alberta Motor Transport Association Calls For Stiffer Penalties for Distracted Driving

Although Alberta’s distracted driving laws came into effect in Sept. 2011, commercial bus and truck drivers continue to witness road users texting, talking on cell phones and being distracted in other ways, says the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) says in

“AMTA strongly supported the introduction of distracted driving legislation when it was first introduced,” says Don Wilson, executive director, AMTA.“We are in favour of steps to increase education and toughen the penalty so the consequences of distracted driving are taken more seriously.”

“The roadway is the workplace of commercial truck and bus drivers,” says Wilson. “Professional drivers know driving a vehicle is serious business and all drivers who engage in activities that cause them to be distracted are a danger to themselves and others on the road”

AMTA is responding to recent media reports where Ric McIver, Alberta’s Transportation Minister has shown support for considering tougher penalties for distracted driving as an enhancement to the two-year-old legislation. The fine currently sits at $172. There has been discussion about toughening the penalty by introducing higher fines and/or demerit points.