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Thursday, April 18, 2024

A shooter on Highway 75 north of Tulsa.

Tulsa County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating after at least 8 Walmart trucks and two other cars were shot at since Sunday night. Right now, authorities are focusing their investigation to a specific stretch of Highway 75 north of Tulsa. Some are suggesting the shooter is targeting Walmart Truck Drivers although several Swift trucks have also been hit.

They say the shootings seem to be coming from the west side of the highway between 106th Street North and Highway 20.

Investigators are also at the Walmart Distribution Center near Ochelata where they are looking for any past or current employees who might have problems with the company. They say that’s a typical starting point for an investigation like this.

Tuesday morning, deputies and police were seen combing through the grassy areas along the highway looking for any evidence of a shooter.

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office says it is not ready to release any new information yet.

On Monday, Walmart told News On 6 they did not believe the shooter was targeting Walmart drivers specifically. At that time, only three company trucks were found to have bullet holes.

When asked the same question Tuesday, a Walmart spokesperson said he could not answer that question, but the retailer is working closely with local law enforcement to keep drivers safe.