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Friday, December 8, 2023

A Day Without A Trucker planned for Sep 5th



Trucker Lives Matter, a Florida-based non-profit transportation group representing truckers from around the nation, is sponsoring “A Day Without a Trucker” parade on September 5.

According to their Facebook page “Truckers plan to drive through Washington, DC at Noon Eastern time during “National Memorial Procession” to honor 500 brothers and sisters murdered on the job over the past decade and to protest those states that do not allow truckers to carry firearms to protect themselves.”

Trucker Lives Matter is a strong proponent of the passing of Michael’s Law. This pro-gun for protection bill is named after Michael Boeglin, a trucker who was killed in his truck in June of 2014. Michael’s Law Amendment, the most recent version, is a PRO GUN Federal legislative effort that ‘tweeks’ an existing Federal statute already on the books called “Interstate

Transportation of Firearms” (18 U.S.C. 926A). It would allow citizens to carry firearms across state lines without any need for states’ approval. “We are trying to get all truckers and at this point all Americans, the right to carry interstate firearms for personal protection,” says James Lamb, a spokesman of Trucker Lives Matter.

Nearly 350 people indicate they plan to attend. Organizers encourage those who cannot attend the event in Washington to participate by shutting down for the day.