Haryana Based Start-Up Company Builds Electric Dump Truck

by: Jag Dhatt

The best way to make an impact is to work quietly and let the results speak for themselves. And that’s exactly what Infraprime Logistics Technology (IPFTech) is doing.

Everyone knows about Tesla, Nikola, Rivian and their work in the electric drivetrain industry. Then of course, there are the established brands like Volvo, Peterbilt, and Daimler who are also investing in the electric future of trucks.

So why is IPLTech the talk of town? Well, it has to do with the pricing of their trucks. As we know, the average price of a dump truck or long-haul trucks range from $80K to $150K. This average price has been the norm for many many years and a price that most people have become used to.

With the mention of electric trucks, the cost is substantially higher, starting at over $300K per unit.

IPLTech is saying that their electric dump truck, like the Rhino 5523, could be in the price range of roughly $80K to $120K. Pricing like is unheard of and could, potentially, make IPLTech a company to watch.

The range of the IPLTech trucks is also very good. According to CEO and co-founder, Subodh Yadav, the range is about 400 km (without payload) to 200 km (with payload). The trucks can also handle a 20-degree gradient, which is more than what a diesel-powered truck handles.

The IPLTech truck also uses a sophisticated battery cooling system, which will maintain an average temperature of 35 degrees. The lithium-ion phosphate battery, by design, will not have thermal run away.

IPLTech also says that their 160 kWh charger can charge the battery from 0-100% in just 90 minutes.

If all of the information provided by IPLTech is correct and accurate, then this electric truck will be a game changer. Even more, if the popularity of this truck takes off in India, then a global introduction shouldn’t be far away.