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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Langley trucker double shifts to help Covid-19 Crisis

By: Jag Dhatt

It’s good to know that there are certain people who have the capability to step up the plate during times of need. Now, more than ever, front line workers and first responders are in desperate need of protective equipment and a local Langley truck driver, Petko Ganachev, was able to make a difference.

I had the opportunity to interview Petko, who has been a truck driver for over 10 years with Ken Johnson Trucking, in late April. From his own words, Ganachev never thought he’d become an important figure in helping front line workers in dealing with the Covid-19 crisis.

“I was speaking with a person whose partner worked in a care home,” said Ganachev. “It became evident to me that there was a need for face masks for the care home because there had been an outbreak of the coronavirus.”

After speaking with some others and finding out what needed to be done, Ganachev put his hobby of 3D printing to use. He founded a 3D printing group that was able to make both the face shields and the mask straps.

“I had been interested with and doing stuff with 3D printers for about 4 years,” said Ganachev. “I was waiting for someone else to join with me and help build these face shields.”

Within a week, Ganachev was able to get 300 volunteers who could get materials and print the face shields and straps and assemble them. Staples also stepped up and donated laminating sheets to the cause. So far, the volunteer group has printed over 10,000 face shields.

“I never knew our production would grow so much and in such a quick time,” adds Ganachev. “I just wanted to help the front line workers because without them, it’s a failing scenario.”

While Ganachev is putting in countless hours in producing the face shields, he continues his work with Ken Johnson Trucking. “It’s not easy to handle both of these responsibilities, but with a great team, we’ve managed to do so.”

Ken Johnson, General Manager of Ken Johnson Trucking, commends Ganachev for his initiative and tenacity to get things done. “I spoke with Petko and told him the company will do what it can to help because initiatives like these are needed during times of struggle.”

Petko Ganachev, who fell into trucking due to an injury, has always enjoyed driving.

JGK Media Inc. applauds Ganachev and his volunteer team for their efforts during these trying times because they are appreciated.