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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Richmond Indiana Was Set to Ban Commercial Vehicle in Residential Driveways.  


On Monday, Richmond, Indiana city officials voted against a proposal that would have banned residential truck parking.

The proposed law would have prevented parking any commercial vehicle over 12 feet in a residential driveway.

Jeff Hargis, a local truck driver, stood up to oppose the proposal. Hargis told the council, “I’ve spoken with my neighbours. I’ve been parking my truck there for five years. Nobody has had any complaints.”

Another truck driver said to the council members in the meeting, “I have neighbours whose vehicles  are louder than mine, I have neighbours whose vehicles look worse than mine. They have every right to park their vehicles in their driveway, so should I.”

Bruce Wissel, Richmond Common Council member, was the only person who voted in favour of the ordinance at the meeting on Monday.

Source: CDL Life