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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Dashcam video shows rollerblader hitching a ride on bobtailing semi

Dashcam video shows rollerblader hitching a ride on bobtailing semi

What would you call a guy on roller blades hitching a ride on the back of a moving bob-tailing semi?

“Stupid and dangerous” would probably fit, right? That’s exactly what one YouTuber dubbed a dashcam video of an unidentified man pulling that exact stunt.

A video shot in Mississauga, Ontario, and uploaded to YouTube on March 8, 2017, showing a rollerblader holding onto the back of a transport truck which was heading North on Cawthra Road.

Local police say the speed limit on the roadway is 60 Kmph. The guy appears to be doing his best Marty McFly impression from the iconic “Back To The Future” films. Michael J. Fox’s character famously hitches rides on the back of cars while on his skateboard.

Local police are issuing warnings to discourage imitators from attempting similar stunts.

“We became aware of it once it was released on the YouTube channel,” said Mississauga Police Constable Mark Fischer.

“It is an offence under the Highway Traffic Act to ride in this manner,”
“We do not condone this and feel that it’s very dangerous and shouldn’t be done by anyone.”

Violators who hang onto a moving vehicle face a $50 fine under the Highway Traffic Act.

Fischer says police are not pursuing the investigation further.