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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Weigh In Motion on Steroids

Weigh In Motion on Steroids

Weigh stations in Delaware are reaching a new level of technology. The Delaware Department of Transportation and Delaware State Police have opened a Virtual Weigh Station (VWS) on SR 1 near Exit 119.

VWS sites will be using the following technologies:
• Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) scale;
• Overheight detector;
• Vehicle overview image camera;
• License Plate Reader;
• USDOT Number Reader;
• HAZMAT Placard Reader;
• Vehicle Waveform Identifier to track the vehicle through the system; and
• Dynamic message sign (DMS) to communicate with commercial vehicle drivers.

VWS will let DSP to weigh and check dimensions of commercial vehicles driving through SR 1 while the trucks maintain highway speeds without stopping. DSP will also be able to check for compliance by capturing license plates and DOT numbers. Noncompliant directors will be instructed by an electronic sign to get off at Exit 119 to the Blackbird weigh station.